I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible way you and your company have “behaved” during the lockdown period and post lockdown.

Nothing has been too much trouble, and the ease of allowing our staff to slip into payment holiday mode was seamless and painless.

The fact that you allowed us to decide on the term (duration) of the payment holiday, was just more proof as to the flexibility of dealing with you and your company, in terms of taking a highly legislated industry, and bringing in the human element, compassionate, logic and Rationale.

We have been a client of yours for donkeys years. We have had your competitors knocking on the door…often…. BUT it will take a seriously large crane to make us move anywhere……

Thank you for always being there for our staff, in terms of the loan business, but more so, for the areas beyond the scope of our agreement, in terms of the efforts you put in to assist our employees in the world of illegal garnishees by taking them on legally and getting them overturned, and the funding of low cost home loans.

From all of us in South Africa, both management and staff, to you and your staff at Bradbury – we salute you.

LEGENDARY comes to mind !!


HR Manager and Group Accountant for a National Retail Company