Employee Assistance Programme

We provide your employees with convenient and affordable access to a short term credit facility from R500 and upwards.

Employee Assistance Programme

We provide your employees with convenient and affordable access to
a short term credit facility from R5000 and upwards.

Simple. Affordable. Accessible. Transparent

In times of need employees will often either approach their employer for financial assistance or land in the hands of unscrupulous money lenders. We offer a solution to help you ease your employees’ financial burdens, such as school fees and emergencies, with no risk to yourself or your business. Our uniquely tailored Employee Assistance Programme is easy to navigate and allows your employees to borrow money in a safe, responsible manner.

How We Facilitate A Company Loan To Your Employees?

Important To Know!

Our Employee Assistance Programme is offered at preferential rates to employers and their employees via a payroll deduction facility, at NO RISK and NO COST to the employer and with the minimal administrative effort by the employer.

Employees can conveniently submit a loan application at their place of employment and receive an answer within 24 hours and the funds within 48 hours. This prevents absenteeism caused by employees having to take time off work to apply for a loan at a financial institution.

How The Application Process Works

When you offer your employees access to the/our Employee Assistance Programme you are offering them a manageable loan to help them improve their lives.

These are the simple steps your employees will need to complete in order to receive a loan:

  • Complete the application form and ensure all their personal and banking details are correct.
  • Acquire your signature on the application form.
  • Submit the fully completed application form, along with their latest payslip, to their Manager or your HR Department.
  • The Manager/ HR Department will provide a Company Authorised signature in support of the application.
  • The wage/ salary office will send the application form and payslip to Bradbury Finance.
  • We/ Bradbury Finance will process the application and provide an answer regarding the loan within 24 hours and deposit the funds within 48 hours, should it be approved.
  • The repayments will be deducted via payroll from the employee’s salary/ wage and transferred to Bradbury Finance.
  • An accurate record of loans will be available at all times. To request examples, simply get in touch with us.

Important Considerations

You (or your Human Resources Department) facilitates all loans with your staff. We then deal with the administration of that loan.

We lend your employees not less than R500, and not more than R10 000. They have one, six, ten or twelve months to repay their loan.

A breakdown of all charges are on the application form and does not change during the term of the contract.

Each repayment is deducted directly from the employee’s monthly salary/weekly wage. Everything about the process is completely transparent.

We will explain the process

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